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Algebra books

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    I finished a course in Algebra last semester and I've decided that Algebra is the best math for me. I'd really like to know more. I studied Gallians book though I looked through Herstiens a bit as well. The problem is that my school doesn't have a second course in Algebra so I have to study on my own. What book would be a good one to start with. I'm not really concered about price too much. Also, if there is an answer key avaliable that would be helpful as I won't be able to go to profs for help.
    Thanks for any guidance.
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    artin, algebra is the best upper level undergrad book. and you should be ready for it after a first course.

    it was written as a first course but is a bit condensed and slow going as an intro.

    another classic is algebra, previously modern algebra, by van der waerden.

    some people like dummitt and foote, which covers two years worth of algebra, but i prefer the insight of artin's book, although it covers less.
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