Algebra for homology

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So I'm working through Vick's Homology and have just finished up chapter one except that I have become aware of some holes in my algebra. Vick used and is beginning to use the idea of factoring a map through another space. While I can see the contextual meaning of the technique in the context of the problem, I'm not familiar with the technique in general.
So first, what's a good reference for that, and secondly, is there a book about "algebra for algebraic topology" you know, lots of direct sums, factoring, gradings, tensors, etc. It need not play with category theory. In fact I'd like to avoid the category stuff for a bit longer (trying to focus on the topology end of things for the moment).

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try the little alg top book by artin and braun, which is mroe complete in algebraic background.

or any of the free algebra books on the web on modules.

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