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Algebra Geometry and Physics

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    Does any have some good online free books so I could learn the second year of algebra.(I've only learned the first year) I also would want to know if after I learn the second year of algebra I should learn trig or geometry.
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    Try a web search for "hefferon" or "hefferin", associated with a name, "Lamar" and you might find some instructive files for Intermediate Algebra. Also check http://www.purplemath.com (or is it .org ?)
    Still, a 20-year-old book would be better.

    You can study Geometry or Trigonometry after Intermediate Algebra. The typical college sequence is like this:
    Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,..
    Geometry would often be listed as one of the prerequisites for Trigonometry but this is not absolutely necessary for everyone - it depends on the capabilities of the student. Some students may be able to skip Trigonometry and go directly to Pre-Calculus but this may also not be a good idea for most students (Pre-Calculus is a combination course of somewhat more advanced arithmetic-algebra than "Intermediate", and Trigonometry).
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