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Homework Help: Algebra in standard form!

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    I need help with this question... someone please help?

    Determine the equation of the line perpindicular to 4x-2y+7=0 and having the same y-intercept 2x+3y-10=0

    It would be great if you can help me out in this question!
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    Do you know the slopes and y-intercepts of the two equations you gave?
    (Hint: put them in standard form, (either y = mx + b or Ax + By = C), from the standards forms you can easily determine the slope and intercept, look in your text).

    For the slope of the pendendicular line, the two lines will be related by a transformation of their slope. You can use this reference for some ideas on how to do that.
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    can you please work out the question for me... i do not understand what your trying to tell me? I am not very good at math either, if u are generous enough to provide the steps, and not the answers - it would help me understand..

    ex. Step #1:

    Forula: (y2-y1)/2+(x2-x1)/2 *(1,5) and (-1,6)

    then i will work out it, then tell me how to step 2 .. this will be very useful.. thank you!!
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    This is another time you have asked for formulas that you can use mindlessly. It would be a lot better to try to understand what you are doing.
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