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Homework Help: Algebra (perpendicular bisector)

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    Determine whether the point W(2,-1) lies on the perpendicular bisector of line segment UV, endpoints U(3,5) and V(-3,-1). Explain and justify your answer.

    I cant figure it out, if someone could, it would be a pleasure!!!!! (it is a grade 10 question)
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    I probably would start by graphing the information given. Then determine equation for the line going through U and V using the coodinates they gave you. You could find the perpendicular bisector by first finding the midpoint between U and V (see your text for description of finding midpoints) and using the slope of the line thru U and V, transform the slope as I pointed out in your post
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    can you please work out the question for me... i do not understand what your trying to tell me? I am not very good at math either, if u are generous enough to provide the steps, and not the answers - it would help me understand..

    ex. Step #1:

    Forula: (y2-y1)/2+(x2-x1)/2 *(1,5) and (-1,6)

    then i will work out it, then tell me how to step 2 .. this will be very useful.. thank you!!
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    And you will have learned nothing except how to plug numbers into a formula that you do not understand!

    1. Find the midpoint of the line segment between (3,5) and (-3,-1).
    2. Find the slope of the line through the points (3, 5) and (-3,-1)
    3. Find the slope of the line through (2,-1) and the point you found in (1).
    4. What is the product of those two slopes? How does that tell you whether the lines are perpendicular or not? (Your textbook has information about the slopes of parallel lines and perpendicular lines.)
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