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Algebra word problem

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    Okay, so this is what I have:

    0.25q + 0.10d + 0.05n + 0.01p = 1.54

    What I got from the word problem:
    p = d
    .25q * 2 = d
    .05n * 3 = d

    p = d
    .50q = d
    .15n = d

    So this would mean:
    .50q = .15n
    Because both variable 'd' are the same value


    q = d / .50
    n = d / .15

    I can't seem to plug in anything for anything because I keep ending up with two or more variables in a single linear equation. How would I go about doing this?
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    hi daigo! :smile:
    no, q and n are numbers of coins, not values :wink:
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    Oh, thanks. I got it now. How embarassing...
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