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Homework Help: Algebra Word Problem

  1. Feb 27, 2005 #1

    I`ve scanned the question so you can understand it better. This is how
    I started...

    x+1/x - 1/4 = x+3/x+2

    But this is how far I got. I don`t know what do after this part and I
    don`t even know if what I`m doing is correct.
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    I'll show what I got..
    The original one should be (x+1)/x
    And it's saying that (x+3)/(x+2) = (x+1)/x - 1/4
    So you aren't far off... not you can use your favourite method of solving rational expressions.. my way of choice is cross-multiply...
    In the end, x = -4 || 2
    Then go on from there..
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