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Algebraic Quantum Theory

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    Hi all,

    what would be your standard Ref. for algebraic approach to quantum theory (algebras, states, folia, etc.)? Haag or there is something better?

    Beyond the standard things, I'm interested in two aspects of algebraic theory when applied to non-relativistic MECHANICS:

    i) Classical limit. Is there anything like that? Commutative algebras => Gelfand-Naimark theorem and measures?

    ii) Relation to noncommutative topology (states and noncommutative measures, etc.)

    Thanks for any input,
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    Yea the defacto reference is Spin, Statistics, PCT and all that by Wightman et al.

    After that there are a few more modern books on constructive approaches, but alas I don't have my references with me atm. I personally have lecture notes from a conference in 1999, that more or less do the job. I know there are arxiv reference papers as well.
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