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Algegra equation help

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    Can someone help - algebra

    This may look really simple to you, however I'm having a hard job trying to rearrange this equation, please could you give me some pointers of what I should be doing - most greatfull :cry:

    How can I rearrange this equation to make p the subject?

    Vp = ^x + 4/3y
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    i dont understand what you have written... is this what you were aiming to write?

    [tex] Vp = p^{x+ \frac{4}{3}y}[/tex]
    in which case i suggest you bring all the Ps to one side, and then combine their exponents (using exponent rules) and then log both sides
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    Sorry no not quite what I was trying to write, I'm not sure how to put in a symbol for the square root. I'll try again ( :eek: )

    Vp = sqr x+4/3y

    (the p should be centred under the equation, but it won't stay there sorry)
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    I think that's what stepha was aiming for. In that case, this should be easier than you think! If you are trying to solve for p, it would be much easier to just move p on to the left side of the equation than trying to move everything else over. Here's a hint: How do you move p from the denominator to the other side in one step?

    And welcome to PF, stepha!
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    Thank you for your help. I worked it out (doesn't seem so hard now :rolleyes:)

    Glad I found this web site though, i will probably be using it a lot!!!

    and how did you get the square root sign????????
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    Doc Al

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    To learn to write equations and symbols using latex, go here: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=8997

    You can click on any equation you see to get the latex code that generated it.
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