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Algorithm labeling in thesis

  1. Feb 7, 2014 #1
    I am using latex for my thesis. Should I label my algorithms as figures, or algorithms? If algorithms, how do I reference them in the text? For figures I say, (Fig. 1). For algorithms? (Algo. 1), (Algorithm 1)?

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    Does your university have a preferred style/thesis manual you could consult? Otherwise, I'd consult the style guide of a relevant journal and follow that.
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    As has been mention, you need to check with your school, especially with someone who is in charge of checking the thesis style. What we tell you can easily be not applicable to the style requirement of your school!

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    I agree with everyone else, and have one piece of advice: if a prior grad student successfully had their dissertation approved while using LaTeX, see if you can get the relevant files so that you don't have to mess with all the details (margins, font sizes, etc.) yourself. I was able to do this and it saved me many many hours of work editing style files!

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    Thanks for the advice jasonRF, but I've already got all the formatting done (manually) :)
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