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(Algorithms) subset finding

  1. Aug 22, 2009 #1
    I have some ideas and a sketch of an algorithm for this problem, but let's see what other people think.

    You have two finite sets of finite sets, S and T. The elements of S and of T are all subsets of another finite set P.

    The problem is: is there any set t in T, such that there is a subset s of t where s is an element of S? And specifically what are the pairs (s,t) for which that is true?

    Some example numbers of the size of problem I want to solve: |P| = 1000, |S| = |T| = 10,000,000

    The brute force way would be to check every pair (s,t) with s in S and t in T, and test whether s is a subset of t. That could take an awfully long time. I have an idea for a more efficient method, but I'm wondering if anybody has encountered this problem before or has an idea how best to solve it.
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