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Alien Implant

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    That Dr. Leir looks suspiciously like a magician/actor who has appeared on an episode of the x-files, and as a con-man in the film The Heist with Gene Hackman. I don't know his name, but he is a kind of David Blaine type, in the sense he never even admits his stunts are tricks.

    On the X-files this guy played a magician whose head fell off after a street performance. Later, he turns back up alive, if you remember the episode.
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    Well he is a real doctor and the story does say he has appeared on tv and was a consultant for x-files.
    I googgled him to find more more info. One article say he had sent off these implants to someone at MIT, and were waiting for reports. However, the reports should of been back long before now{from 1995}, yet I see no first hand proof of anything.
    He would half to offer up a LOT more evidence before I would believe him.
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    He's just a con man preying upon the unhappy and gullible among us.
    He belongs behind bars.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have been watching this guy for a long time. Since so many of his patients claim to believe that there was an implant, it would seem that he is the modern day version of the chicken gizzard surgeon - Surgeon of the Rusty Knife, more. So he confirms what they already believe to be true?

    Then again, I have watched one of his surgeries filmed at close range and I didn't catch anything, but that really doesn't mean much these days.
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    Do you know the Magician I was refering to? I have no idea where to look to dig up a picture of him, but he looks identical to the man in the linked article in the first post.
    It's interesting to find out for sure that any surgeries actually took place. Your "gizzard surgery" theory sounds pretty good to me. He could be removing some kind of real accretion, cyst, or other growth, and switching it with something of his own making before anyone else analyses it.

    What is most suspicious about him to me is his jargon. It strikes me as being aimed to appeal to people who believe they've been abducted and implanted, as you pointed out.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I remember the episode but I never thought this was the same guy. They may look a lot alike though...dunno.

    Oh there is no doubt about it. He is known as THE guy to see if you want your alien implant removed.
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    Here, I found a still from The Heist:

    Movie Photos: Ricky Jay, Gene Hackman and Delroy Lindo in Warner Brothers' Heist - 2001
    Address:http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/ricky_jay_gene_hackman_delroy_lindo_heist_001.html [Broken]

    And here is Ricky Jay's own website:

    The World Wide Website of Ricky Jay

    You can see from the pictures on these two links how much he looks like Dr. Roger Leir. (Is that last name pronounced "Liar"?)
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    Here is a different picture of Dr. Roger Leir:

    Dr. Roger Leir guests on the Lets Talk Paranormal talk show
    Address:http://www.tracieaustin.com/findparanormalguests/drrogerleir.asp [Broken]

    He doesn't resemble Ricky Jay so much in this shot.

    Here is Leir's own website:

    Dr. Roger Leir's - AlienScalpel.com
    Address:http://www.alienscalpel.com/main.htm [Broken]
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    He moos right out of the chute. Zoob, where did you find that website? It is hilarious.
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    Don't know which one you mean, but in both cases I just googled the guy's names.
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