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Alien Logic

  1. Aug 14, 2003 #1
    This is sort of meant to be a fun post to sort of speculate in a logical way, about aliens, their motives or other things about them. Not about any "real evidence" or what supposed to be true about them. Just some good old imagination.I hope this doesn't detract too much from the serious discussion on pseudo science. :wink:

    OK we'll we want to do logic (sort of) so we'll have to make some assumptions.

    One good one might be that aliens do actually follow some sort of logic, (at least in the same way us humans do). That's not to say that they are entirely logical beings with only logical motives but that they at least use some sort of critical thinking to make decisions.

    We'll also assume that we can at least in part understand their logic. It's usually bad to assume you'll never understand something. Treat this like saying if we knew what they knew we'd do the same thing.

    Lastly we'll assume that these aliens are the ones that are similar to the popularized ones. Fly in saucers and visit earth. That sort of stuff.

    OK so now what could we possibly say about the motives of these aliens. Let's tack on an additional assumption, that these aliens live in an advanced but completely individualistic society that has no concept of a government. Could that be why they don't drop down and say "Take us to your leader.". How long would it take for them to understand the concepts of our society? Any thoughts?

    Another question why don't they obviously reveal themselves or share with us their great knowledge. (It must be great because they can travel from distant stars to see us.) Perhaps there is something they know that we must find out on our own. That of course begs the question then , "Why even bother to go looking for aliens if they're not going to help us until we're 'ready'?". Wouldn't it be wiser to try to keep going as we are until we figure out whatever that is?

    There is of course hundreds of other explanations for the motives attributed to these aliens. Try not to turn this into the proof aliens exist thread or the excuses for aliens. I am interested in hear your own thoughts on possible alien motives or even perhaps ideas on the possible types of aliens that hypothetically could exist (beyond popularized ones), and what kind of worlds they may have come from (evolved on). Example: Could silicon based life form in white dwarf stars.
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    Erm... By definition, aliens are... alien. Perhaps the concept of "motive" would itself be something that is alien to them?
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    That would be unlikely , their actions they take would have to be decided randomly. While that might be an explanation why a being would travel the stars all the way to our world. Could they still even be considered intelligent beings if all of their actions are randomly decided? That's probably a question best left for the philosophy board.

    Ok so "motiveless" could describe our hypothetical aliens but I don't think it leaves much in the way of interesting possibilities.
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    Since these Aliens are too advanced to learn anything from
    us then their motive for visiting
    might well include what passes in
    their minds for "entertainment."

    In the same way we enjoy visiting
    zoos, or going on safari, perhaps
    all they're doing is enjoying the
    observation of a lifeform living
    in a more primitive state. This
    would explain why they don't come
    forward asking to meet our lead-
    ers, or why they don't take steps
    to conquor us.

  6. Aug 15, 2003 #5
    For some odd reason I'm reminded of an old twilight zoen episode. Basically, aliens landed, and we do not know thier intent. But through limited interaction we aquire a book of thiers. The title is deciphered as "how to serve man" so we assume they are here to better mankind, and people start cramming into the space ships to visit thier home planet. So of course the twist turns out that after they decipher more of the book, it turns out not to be a guide to taking care of man, but a cookbook:wink:

    So you never know what they might have in store
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Why do I keep hearing this voice...come said the spider to the fly...

    Really though, this is a fun question; this appeals to the failed sci-fi writer in me. Of course, I can hardly avoid the many ideas that I have read about...

    You suggest a kind of hive mentality...at least this is my take.

    First, if we assume that they are the classic alien, then they are capable of "warp" speed it would seem - clearly a very advanced race of beings. Some kind of group intelligence must exist in order to build such complex machines. So we must assume that although individuals, they somehow act in concert. This motivates my allusion to a hive mind. The Borg from Star Trek are often referred to as a hive mind, but I think this situation is really closer; many individuals acting in concert - on the average. So if we use our hive analogy, the behavior of any particular ET might be unpredictable.

    Could they understand our way of relating to each other? If they are capable of complex physics and engineering, then they should understand that concept of order and structure. Other animals on their planet might display hierarchical societies. So, just as we might imagine how their minds would work, they might understand ours. In fact, the problem might be that they are so advanced, this might be like asking if we can understand the motivations of ants.

    Why are they here? I will try to ignore any popular ideas and be original here... I will say...conservation of energy is what motivates them. We are inconsequential and they are simply gathering resources. If one occasionally feels like teasing the vermin, then Jim-Bob gets abducted. Maybe they tune into the Phoenix news and buzz the city just to see themselves on TV - we observe random actions that don’t make any sense. There is no human agenda. They don’t care about us. And they are just using our supply of whatever makes warp drives run.

    These guys evolved in a nitrogen ocean. This is something that no one has realized; all UFOs are full of liquid nitrogen. They are aquatic beings. The grey skin and head masks are just environmental suits. ET’s true appearance is not known. They consume sulfur for biological energy. Many of them are secret members of PF.com.

    How’s that for original?
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    Do you think Ivan is one of them?
  9. Aug 15, 2003 #8
    Or it could be you just throwing a red herring to get us off seriously discussing this subject...
  10. Aug 15, 2003 #9


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    Not at all! It's an excellent subject! I just have these REALLY strange ideas at times...

    I need to learn to keep them to myself.
  11. Aug 15, 2003 #10

    Ivan Seeking

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    Welcome Tsunami!
  12. Aug 16, 2003 #11


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    Just wondering how their mathematical system would be like. I mean if the aliens have four fingers on each hand, their calculations, their ways of thinking are entirely different from us.
  13. Aug 16, 2003 #12

    Ivan Seeking

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    I can't believe I missed this one. Good point!
    What do you think? Base 4? Base 8? How many toes do they have? What else might they use as a basis for a numbering system? It could be base 3 for example - due to three magic stones in alien mythology.

    Hey, what is alien mythology? This is sounding like a book! Do aliens have aliens in their mythology?
  14. Aug 16, 2003 #13
    WE are their mythological aliens.
    They are here looking for the
    human fortold in the ancient texts
    who will be their saviour and
    leader, a being of wisdom known
    as Evan Serkin in their tongue.
    Kind of rings a bell, somehow...
  15. Aug 16, 2003 #14
    Good point, Dal!

    Are the any universal constants, really?
  16. Aug 16, 2003 #15
    Yes Dal really puts it in perspective. Who really are the aggressors? Who knows what the mindset of the aliens are?
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