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B Alien perception of time

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    Can we please revive this thread with better references: My source for the Through The Wormhole Episodes is Wikipedia: Season 6 No. 2 : Can Time Go Backwards.
    There is a Youtube link:
    I was asking:
    "In Through the Wormhole Episode no.2 of the 6th series named Can Time Go Backwards (it starts in the 6th minute what I am referring to), it is claimed by a university professor that it may be possible (especially by alien beings) to perceive and experience the passing of time not right now but minutes or hours afterwards, or even before now as we speak. And he illustrates this notion in a hockey game.
    Is this true, because I find tremendous logical difficulties in believing this?"
    My best guess to what he means is : as we can watch through a telescope events which happened a long time ago to take place right now before our eyes because of the limited speed of light by a similar reasoning (what?) maybe we can perceive future events as well because the whole space-time fabric is predetermined.
    Thank you.
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    Better references would be a textbook or peer-reviewed paper. Wikipedia's article on this series does not appear to link to any.

    We could all make guesses as to what he means, but unless we have an actual valid reference--textbook or peer-reviewed paper--we have no way of confirming or disconfirming our guess. And we can't have a useful discussion here on PF based on just a guess. We need to be looking at some actual mainstream science. Pop science sources like this video are notorious for not ever giving references to the actual underlying science.

    No, we can't, because the future is not the same as the past.

    This is a particular interpretation of relativity and is not required by the physics. We have had previous PF threads on this, as well as an Insights article (full disclosure: I wrote it):


    See also the discussion thread on that article.
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    Since the reference given in the OP is still not valid, this thread will remain closed. @puzzled fish if you have questions about the Insights article I linked to you can post in that discussion thread or start a new thread based on those specific questions.
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