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Alien perceptions of time

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    In Through the Wormhole Episode no.2 of the 6th series named Can Time Go Backwards (it starts in the 6th minute what I am referring to), it is claimed by a university professor that it may be possible (especially by alien beings) to perceive and experience the passing of time not right now but minutes or hours afterwards, or even before now as we speak. And he illustrates this notion in a hockey game.
    Is this true, because I find tremendous logical difficulties in believing this?
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    That link doesn't appear to go to s6e2, s6e2 appears to be about the universe being a simulation, and the video of s6e2 doesn't work for me.

    Can I suggest you google for the "Andromeda Paradox" and see if that's the kind of scenario you are referring to?
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    I tried the same thing, and it didn't work.

    Perhaps it will work in the future but was accidentally retro-posted.
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    As do I. It's likely either an exaggeration of some minute effect, or the real physics got garbled when it was boiled down to try to explain it to people unfamiliar with science.
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    This is not a valid source; even if it's a professor speaking, it's still a pop science video and is not held to the same standards as a textbook or peer-reviewed paper, which are the benchmarks for PF sources.

    Also, I can't watch the video anyway, since it's asking me to "sign up with my TV provider".

    Based on what information I have, I agree with Drakkith's opinion.
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    Since the OP is not based on a valid source, this thread is closed. @puzzled fish if you can find a better reference (or at least one that is an article readable online), PM me and I will take a look at it.

    [Note: I have also moved this thread to the relativity forum since it is a question about physics.]
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