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Alien species produced memories

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    If an alien species produced memories using process involving an overall negative entropy change, would it have memories from our future?

    It would appear to us as though these alien memories were being destroyed with an overall positive entropy change (since in our perception every reaction increases the overall entropy of the universe) - but in the perception of the aliens the memories would be being formed with an overall negative entropy change. Memories of the future.

    A hypothetical example might be: imagine it were possible to form memories by substituting EDTA ligands with an arrangement of other ligands. This involves a very large negative entropy change.

    Is it possible given:
    a) Physics;
    b) Evolution?
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    You mean that , if alien species could remember their past by decreasing their entropy (for entropy change to be -ve) , Coould they remember their future?

    Certainly not.As per your assertion , -ve entropy change process is needed for memories of the past, as the entropy of the universe is always increasing ( change is entropy at any given time interval is always positive) , therefore to acquire memories of the future , there has to be increase in entropy as opposed by decreasing entropy for memories to be acquired by alien species.
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    Brains are pretty ordered.

    Organisms and the parts they are made of, such as the memory creating organ known as the brain are very ordered. We use energy to drive all the reactions towards the ordered (negative entropy) state they are in. Do you happen to mean positive free (Gibbs) energy?
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    That could make more sense yes.
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