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Aliens in our afterlife

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    when we talk about a possible afterlife, we think of just us humans being in it and some of us hope to even see our pets there too. Well what if all life in the universe unite? Wouldn't that be crazy -- trillions of different life forms standing around the water cooler in heaven just bull****ting away. "sooo those are nice tenticles you have, where are you from?".... "earth man.. those are my dreads"...

    ive also wondered.. if theres life out there thats advanced or more advanced than we are, they must have some similarities with inventions and ****. EXAMPLE: the gasoline engine. theres not really any "OBVIOUS" alternative that produces as much horsepower, so maybe they use them, or have used them at one point.

    oh and im sure aliens have STD's too. that's why i hope they dont come here. Some of us are twisted enough to try something VERY different once in awhile. if we started having interplanetary sex, we might get lobsters instead of crabs if you know what im saying..
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    try reading the philosophy forum guidelines, then try again.
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