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Aliens took them

  1. Feb 24, 2004 #1
    My socks. Sometimes, when I wash my clothes, I find one of my socks are missing. Always a sock. Why? The best I can figure out is that an Alien must have taken them. Where else could they be going?
    I've tried to figure it out but evidently there are invisible Aliens that are in peoples homes and they are taking our socks, one by one. Maybe it is a game of "scavenger hunt" they are playing among themselves. What do you think?
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    what about those pesky gremlins? Sometimes they steal my socks, my shirts, pants and..... my sanity
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    I believe there was a thread around here somewhere that talked about physics-esq theories about how these socks keep dissappearing. Who knows... the sock may have tunneled out of the dryer for all we know.
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    or maybe they were eaten by the other clothes!!!
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    I have solved this problem. I was inspired by my wife's pantyhose. I call them "Pantysox" TM (patent pending Njorlco). Yes - they are woven wool sweat socks that go all the way up to your waist and join together. You're guaranteed never to lose one! True, they can get a bit itchy, but the scratching sure is fun!

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    The sock theory was solved on an episode of South Park. Now everyone knows that the Underware Knomes steal socks while you are sleeping.
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