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Aligned allocation and VC++.NET

  1. Oct 23, 2005 #1
    Has anyone else experience the new operator not working correctly for 16-byte aligned data types? I am using Visual Studio .NET 2003.

    I have a class that has its first component 16 byte-aligned via the "__declspec(align(16))" directive because I am using SSE.

    Code (Text):

    class Vector {
    // data members
    union {
    __declspec(align(16)) float comps[4];
    struct {
    float x,y,z,w;
    struct {
    float r, g, b, a;
    struct {
    float yaw, pitch, roll;
    When dynamically allocating and array of this class using the new operator, I get an 8 byte-aligned pointer. It needs to be 16 byte-aligned to not crash when using SSE intrinsics.

    I have even tried using "__declspec(align(16))" on the pointer and between the "new" and the data type. Example:

    Code (Text):

    __declspec(align(16)) Vector *tan1 = new __declspec(align(16)) Vector[vertexCount * 2];
    I have resorted to using the old C functions _aligned_malloc() and _aligned_free().

    This must be a bug with Visual Studio, right? Anyone know of any fixes?
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    You're probably going to need to post this on a microsoft newsgroup or forum. I'm not familiar with MS specific code. In gcc __attribute__ (aligned(16)) is used.

    [edit] This is just a guess, but when using __attribute__ I believe it goes after the allocation statement. Something like this:

    float comps[4] __attribute__ (aligned(16));

    This might be the same case with __delcspec
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    It turns out that you need to overload the new and delete operators using aligned malloc and free functions.

    Check out this PDF for more info:
    http://homepage.te.hik.se/personal/tkama/audio_procME/papers/17664_alignment.pdf" [Broken]
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    The help file( CHM ) supplied by intel c++ compiler hase some example on this topic. Also, www.codeproject.com hase some articles to introduce SSE.
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