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News Alitalia bankrupt

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    http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5hiS01TQeSzfxEsuoijIuUCZF-RMw [Broken]

    ROME — Bankrupt Alitalia cancelled 40 flights Wednesday after a small union called a four-hour strike against a rescue plan, as hundreds of workers protested at Rome's main airport. The Italian airline is fighting for its survival as unions balk at accepting terms of the rescue plan by potential investors, including longer hours, layoffs and reductions in routes and in the number of aircraft.

    This sure must be a worry for the Italian government.
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    Italy has more assinine strikes than any other country I am aware of. When I dated a guy there it seems there were constant train strikes, trucking strikes where they would block public roads, it seemed that there was always someone striking.
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