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All about antennas

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    Dear PF members , I need you help. I am offered to work on a project at a University. The offered project is microwave antenna design. I asked for some topics to study to keep me updated and ready to work on the project from day one and the professor gave me these :

    small antennas, planar antennas, GSM antennas, reconfigurable antennas, switchable antennas, dual band antennas, quad band antennas, vehicular antennas, GPS antennas

    Now I am going to second year electrical engineering and I took 2 modules in electromagnetism. However, I never studied antennas before. So I need good articles, books, tuts, whatever you can find that would make this fast and most of all efficient.

    I only have 15 days, please PF members, help.
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    Guys any hint, tip, help, clue on the subject will be much appreciated. I already described my situation and I hope anyone can help to at least get me started.
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    get a good grasp of what antenna is, the types out there, the differences between them. it will help you understand why people build antenna and use different antennas in different application as well as drawbacks. once you understand this, it will make more sense to build one.
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    I already read the wikipedia article (good but insufficient) and I explored the link you posted but is there not something for my level (beginner / undergrad) ?

    Moreover, which of the previously stated topics would be the best (easiest) to tackle first?
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    Not exactly "microwave",

    But you can simulate the fields of a small dipole antenna on matlab. Plot out the fields in 3D and then drill down into the physics behind it. It's all EM.
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    Thank you all for helping me out. After some talks with the professor, he said that I will be mainly running simulations using third-party software. He asked me to study the basics of antennas well and especially antenna "parameters"...

    can anyone add something to the recipe that might help? Does anyone have experience with simulation software?
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    Another engineer that I work with has had a very positive experience with some antenna modelling software recently. I'll check with him on Monday and post the links. PM me if I don't post on Monday (work is intense right now).
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    Antenna Theory, Analysis and Design by Balanis is one of the clearest books on the subject. Knowledge of Maxwell's equations is assumed.
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    Yes I got that book, thanks for your participation though.
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    E&M by Krauss
    Antennas by Krauss
    all of the ARRL books on antennas. There is a specific one for UHF and Microwave items.

    There is a program out there Microwave Office. It allows computer simulations, measurements, etc. I haven't used it, but hear it is good.

    Hope this helps somewhat....
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    Thanks man, sure everything helps, those who actually bother & reply to help other people are the essence of this forum.Unlike leechers who simply ask questions and never help anyone.
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    Fixed up that reply for you.

    Best not to tick off the hands that feed you. :wink:
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