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All about sound waves

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    Is it true that people can sing better inside a bathroom? How could that be?

    Other links in internet tells about that Walls of Jericho (Old TEstamament).
    Joshua and his men surrounded the city, blew their trumpets and shouted very loudly... then the wall crumbled... I always thought of that x-men siryn who can destroy things by shouting loudly.... is that physically possible, especially that of the wall?

    Can sopranos or very high-pitched people break wine glasses by singing an appropriate note? I saw it in some Filipino movies... is that true? I don't know if that's fictionor whatever...
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    Theoretically it is possible.

    When the frequency of the sound wave matches natural frequency of the object, the object will then starts to oscillate with a larger amplitude hence more energy, the object would eventually reach a critical state where the atoms would no longer be able to hold together and break apart.
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    It depends on the wine glass but it is generally extremely difficult to do. The only way I’ve seen it done was with a focused speaker being placed close to the wine glass and the singers voice recorded and amplified and played over the speaker.
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    Its true. But you need a crystal wine glass. I don't know about shape. And the thicker the better(I think). The person would thick on the glasss, listen to the note and sing the same note(I think). And then it will break.
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