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Aerospace All Air and Space News Thread.

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    Find an interesting article about a new technology, new design, and whatever else is related to things that fly? Post her here!

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    Great thread idea MotoH. I read this on my AIAA email newsletter. Sad, but not unexpected if you know your aircraft production history.....
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    Not showing up for me?
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    Thought you posted an article, but now I get it! Sorry for confusion!
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    http://www.airforce-magazine.com/Pages/default.aspx" [Broken]

    I really wish that I could link to specific articles instead of the homepage of afm. I can access some of the articles from my email, but others I cant. Oh well.

    Seems like a lot of things get delayed lately. Is this a money issue, or is it more towards the technological issues they are facing with the plane?
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    No cuts for the Rafale!!
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