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All floor friendly material

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    I am going to design a chair for my school project. The legs of the chair have to be friendly to all types of floors e.g. carpet, floor board etc.
    The legs are made of wood, but I am looking for a material that I can cover the bottom of the legs with to protect the floor.
    Any suggestions?
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    Plastic would probably work out best.
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    I would probably say rubber because plastic can actually scratch wood floors.
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    But rubber doesn't move well on carpet. It can also leave streaks on wood.
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    How about felt? Not great on carpet, but won't damage it either. Do you want it to glide easily over the flooring, or just prevent damage?
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    How about plastic but with small felt pads. On wood it would be completely on the felt, but when you move to carpet it have the slick plastic to glide on. Ofcourse their is going to be some friction from the felt but if you make the felt pads small it should be a nice compromise.

    Thanks for the idea Moonbear.
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    Just put a tennis ball on each leg.
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    I woudl love it if it did both. But just avoiding damage would do.
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    What do you mean?
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    I love that idea.
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