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All fractals are models of CHAOS!

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    Look around you. Everyday objects, linked together. How? By mathematics. Not a simple design, but a complex wonderful array of chaos models called fractals. These "fractals" are ever changing, always on the brink of a different state. Does this sound like math? Believe it or not, all of the words in front of you are true. First of all, fractals can be many things. A tree, a piece of paper, a blade of grass. All fractals are models of CHAOS! What is so amazing about a fractal is its incredible link to mathematics. If you have ever studied graphing, you may remember that an equation is plugged in, and graphed to show the data. Well, the objects, imperfections, in life, tiny variables, play the part of "X" and "Y" on the graph, which is the outcome. However, this sort of graph is on a different scale. Whenever you graph equation such as y=mx+2, you graph a single line. But, when you graph by the chaos approach, the equation changes. y2= mx2+2 is probably as equation that could be used. Still, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of variables, so the powers could get to the 100's. Thousands of little dots cover the graph and until the late 70's, no one had bothered to graph the equations, let alone connect them. However, computers today can graph and plot out those equations to form models of fractals! So, does that mean that we can predict the future by graphing the variables in life and combining them into an equation. Not necessarily. Because of the fact that fractals are changeable, it is highly improbable that you could graph it since the variables are always changing. But, maybe there are "rules" that the fractals follow. Maybe the universe is planned. So a person could foresee major events, but not the little details. That is the beauty of chaos. Changing, not "unstable" like most people think. After all, a fractal is calculated. For chaos, however changing and unstable it may seem, it is always essentially right. It's in the numbers!
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    Wow, someone's a little enthusiastic this evening.
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    I think I just figured out what happened to that shipment of 'shrooms that disappeared on the way over from Burnaby. :rolleyes:
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    That is rather likely, since if yu actually know anything about chaos theory, and related fields like pattern formation, that post is utter nonsense.
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    Perhaps it is a cry for help, or companionship.
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    Maybe we should of offered to "talk him down" like they did in the 60's when people were having a bad LSD trip.
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    negative on that, capt shroomer :rofl:

    stay in school. drugs are bad.
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    You don't suppose Kirk Gregory Czuhai (I don't want to say it out loud) changed his name and is trying to sneak back in, do you? :uhh:
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