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Studying All math used in physics

  1. Mar 5, 2016 #1
    I would like to know the types of math used in different aspects of physics, so that i know where to go from now on. Although i am planning to major in electrical engineering i will not fail to maintain physics as at the very least a hardcore hobby (and maybe double major in physics and ee). Here is what i have so far

    Calculus: everything
    Linear Alg: any time you deal with lots of vectors: GR, QFT.
    Vector Calc: EM
    Diff Geometry: GR
    Tensors: GR, mechanics
    Abstract Algebra: vector spaces/orthgonality etc for gr
    Group Theory: QFT,
    Knot Theory: Superstring Theory

    feel free to add more, pure math is welcome as long as the benefits and applications are specified.
    I am currently in high school and trying to plan out what to learn and when (i am an avid self studier), so any additions are highly appreciated!
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    You're missing probability and statistics and combinatorics. These techniques find use throughout physics and engineering to describe random processes or behavior of complex systems over the long and short terms.
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    Simon Bridge

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    See overview:
    http://ls.poly.edu/~jbain/Cat/lectures/01.BranchesofMath.pdf [Broken]
    ... try again. ;)

    You may be better served to look ahead at the math courses and physucs courses and rank the courses in order of importance to what you want to do.
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