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All Natural?

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    Doesn't it just crack you up when a company will advertise their products touting "ALL NATURAL - NO CHEMIALS!" To me, this just flies in the face of reason. Let's see - Foxglove is all natural but it can kill you! And show me a flower that is NOT made of chemicals and I'll show you empty space! I get pretty tired of these lame marketing ploys, don't you?
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    It's not a ploy considering how laden most processed foods are with noxious chemicals these days. "Natural" and "organic" are not as superfluous as it might seem; rather, they refer to the use of agricultural methods that do not employ synthetics potentially harmful to its consumers. That's a simplification of course...
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    The problem is that synthetic chemicals are no more dangerous than "natural" chemicals.

    Besides, what does "natural" mean? Does it mean that a food product was grown without the use of pesticides? Or was it grown without the use of synthetic pesticides?

    Even in the first case (no pesticides at all) it isn't entirely clear that this actually makes the food any safer or cleaner.
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    My mind tends to lend itself to the definition stating "produced without pesticides." I understand that most studies on the health detriment of conventionally grown foods are not exactly quantitative, but I eat mostly organic foods and my experience has been nothing but positive. If nothing else, organic foods taste FAR superior to conventional foods. That's just my opinion though.

    We can reduce the argument to this: Do you want to eat foods with trace chemicals from products such as Round Up? I certainly don't.
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    Considering the subjectivness of taste in the first place, and the massive amount of confirmation bias, that doesn't really affect my opinion.

    There is no guarantee that natural foods are less contaminated than conventional foods. Besides, what do you mean by trace? Beyond a certain point, trace amounts of Round Up will be overwhelmed by the natural toxins in the environment.
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    Certainly not. I was just giving my own opinion, and my intention was not to persuade.

    What natural toxins are you referring to?

    I know I lack a logical argument for my choices, but it's simply a preference I have derived from my experiences. I try to support niche farmers because largely their products are a labor of love; they are not hindered by the requirements of mass agriculture. It's more expensive, but I feel it's absolutely worth it.
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    I prefer all natural, looks and feels much better in my opinion.
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    For example, glycoalkaloids occur in potatoes. Of course, you aren't usually in any danger for them either. If they are concentrated enough to harm you, the potato generally takes on a green colour.

    The point I was trying to make is that even food which is perfectly good for you contains some trace amounts of natural toxins.

    I can appreciate that.

    I can appreciate that too. Even I agree here. :smile:
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    Natural or organic means without any synthesised pesticides/fertilizer. They still use "natural" pesticides and fertilizer such as Bt.

    An for test. I have done the test and I did not seen any differences. Any fruit/vegetables harvest before its due time has low taste. Nothing compares to fruit/vegetables harvest when it is ripped.
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    Oh great, NOW you tell me not to eat the green potatoes... I just thought they weren't quite ripe.
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    What I mind is when we are talking about dietary supplements, when the term 'natural' tends to mean 'we didn't produce this chemical in a safe or controlled manner, and we don't know what it will do to you.'
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    isn't silicone all natural?
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    I agree. People mistakenly equate "natural" with "safe".
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    Hemlock is "natural".

    I wouldn't get your kids too used to "natural foods". Eventually the world's food supply will be exhuasted due to overpopulation, and hydroponic food production will take it's place. Thank god I'll be dead
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