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All Particles

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    Hello, I need a List of all Fermion base Particles if someone knows them all along with their charge and Rest Energy-Mass in columns based on electron,Mu,Tau. I think I have a complete list but I just want to make sure.

    These are the ones I know if there are more please tell me.

    Leptons q (Ec) E (Gev) F (Flavor)

    Ve 0 1.10^-8 e
    e (-/+)1 .0000511 e

    Vμ 0 .0002 μ
    μ (-/+)1 .106 μ

    Vτ 0 .02 τ
    τ (-/+)1 1.7771 τ


    U (-/+)2/3 .003 e
    D (-/+)1/3 .006 e

    C (-/+)2/3 1.3 μ
    S (-/+)1/3 .1 μ

    t (-/+)2/3 175 τ
    b (-/+)1/3 4.3 τ
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    As far as the fundamental fermions are concerned, you have all of them. For non-fundamental fermions, try the Particle Data Group:


    and look at the baryon tables (proton, neutron, etc.)
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