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All purpose pump

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    hi, i've been inspired by this wind generator design: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pringles-Wind-Turbine-Pleech---Version-One/
    to make it operate in reverse, that is, feed alternating current and make the thing spin.
    The purpose of this is to make a pump by putting a wheel (similar to those seen in airplane turbines) inside a tube, and fixing the coils outside of the tube. The weel would have magnets attached at the rim (like the one in the generator). Do you think that it would work? would i need to synchronize the current so the wheel won't jam? what advices can you give me?
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    You would basically just be making a very inefficient fan. You could do it, but I don't know why you would.
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    It's a very inefficient generator that steals energy from your air conditioner fan.
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    hi, i still got to get my hands dirty and i can't find the time or motivation to get going (and i don't want to spend the money in buying materials unless i'm 100% sure i'm gonna go through the whole way). The end product i have in mind would be a tube section with a fan at the middle, and the wires outside, so with the proper fan i could have a way to pump water through the tube. My first idea was to use it in a hydroponic system, but if the fan is made properly i see no reason why it would be limited to water.. I've heard that most water pumps should not be operated without water, but this one should work either way.
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    you can always put it beneath somebody else's air conditioner :D
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