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All screen pictures variations

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    I don't know if there was talking about this or somebody already did this but do you think it would be possible to make software that shows you all possible pictures variations on your monitor/TV?
    What I mean is monitor works on RGB principles and is separated into tiny squares that gives RGB output making a big picture so variations are pretty big and there are more variations to see it in classical 24 frame per second then anyone's life or even universe's life but still if you set it to see every billionth picture or trillionth picture then it maybe could be interesting because you potentially have opportunity to "see everything".

    So is there program like that?
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    You have to realize what you are asking. Every frame of an analog tv is unique, minor imperfections will guarantee that you never get exactly the same frame, if you watch tv all day it will be just what you asked for. You never really specified what set of pictures from the infinity of pictures you want. You can point a camera at the sky or look at static, whatever you do it will produce a lifetime of unique pictures. Looking at static is probably more close to most of the pictures that are possible. I am sure that there is a static generator somewhere online.
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    Such program would be a bunch of nested loops.
    Very easy to do, and absolutely useless... :smile:
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