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All Segways recalled: Big Bummer

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    Ivan Seeking

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    All Segways recalled: Big Bummer!!!

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    Ya, freaking bunch of sissies. Well, actually, as I understood, there have been 3 injuries out of the 6000 sold.

    It has a problem with tipping with a low battery because it is stabilized by a gyro, which, is a powered device.

    The battery gets low, the gyro loses its ability, and well, 2+2=you fall on the ground.

    I mean, how many people get hurt on roller skates, or heck, just walking in general.

    I know I've twisted my ankle twice this year, just walking. All the crazy stuff I do, and I get hurt walking.
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    this is a real bummer for the proponents of the Segway, as the Segways now have a bad image -- the image of being recalled, and, even worse, as unsafe.

    dean kamen must be pissed.
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