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All terrain robot

  1. Feb 28, 2010 #1
    heyy....i have to make an all terrain robot...the terrain is as follows:

    (a) Sand 3 inches of depth.
    (b) Gravel size of 2inches.
    (c) Gradient with an up/down maximum slope of 15 Deg.
    (d) Staircase climbing up to a maximum of 6 steps up and down (7 inches height x 10 inches tread).
    (e) 8 Corrugations with a maximum radius of 8 inches and pitch 16 inches.

    The robot has to carry 20 kg in addition to its own weight....the maximum width of the robot is 1m and it has to finish a 500m terrain in 20 minutes maximum....thought of using caterpillar wheels like irobot's packbot with flippers in the front...stairs are a problem...what other locomotion can i use to accomplish this task keeping in mind the weight considerations???....also it is autonomous...so try to keep it easy for the electronics and programming guys.....thanks
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