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All theories in physics are incorrect

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    all theories in physics are incorrect !!!

    yes that's right.
    because 100% percent of the theories are using; approximations, incorrect perturbations, assumptions and so on.

    that is not valid for the behaviour of nature.

    physics is a kind of battle to understand the nature not to modify it by theories.
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    Oh, and 2+2=5, I suppose???

    Nature isn’t modified by human theories but this could make for a good sci-fi movie. Scientists better be careful what they think lest the universe come crashing down around them.
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    of course physics assumes. but it assumes based on observations.

    I.E I have a big box. inside the box are lots of spheres of different colors and sizes.
    I take a detailed survey of size and color, which shows that the spheres smaller than 10 cm in diameter are red, and the spheres with diameter of 10cm+ are blue.
    I thereby formulate my theorem of Chromo-size relation in spheres-I- found-in-a-box and become world famous in the field of... hypothetical boxes filled with spheres...

    Yes - for extremely large values of 2.
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