Alleged serial killer says 'I enjoy the excitement of Quake'

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Jet Duncan Mar 17 2001, 9:41 pm show options

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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:39:47 -0600
Local: Thurs,Mar 15 2001 9:39 pm
Subject: Old man Rookie would like help finding a decent game controller for Quake II and Quake III
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I enjoy the excitement of Quake, but when I go to a frag match I get
creamed. I just can't seem to control my weapons as well as everyone else.
My system is no sissy, but My joystick might be (InterAct Raider Pro
Digital). Is there a better joystick, or maybe I just need to configure it?
I'll take any suggestions, thanks

For those who do not know, this is Joseph "Jet" Duncan:

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Btw he gets "creamed" because he uses a joystick. He should use a mouse. RAzer boomslang or at least a logitech.
So? Whats your point? If it was found out that if he was also into classical opera would you think that contributed to his criminal behavior ?
so-crates said:
So? Whats your point? If it was found out that if he was also into classical opera would you think that contributed to his criminal behavior ?
Exactly...I would like to see some comparative statistics that show the proportion of violent criminal behavior of criminals that play games like Quake to those violent criminals who have never played games like Quake.

Jack the ripper didn't need video games to get motivated now did he.


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I play violent video/computer games - blow stuff up, etc etc. I watch many violent videos including gore, skin avulsion, blown up heads of cadavers by US snipers in Iraq, all kinds of really bad trauma stuff - to get a taste of whats to come for a work in an ambulance.

And I can assure you - I'm absolutely not violent :biggrin: I even try to avoid stepping on the ants as I walk back home at night. Its all a matter of education and other factors - you can be a Math PhD and send out bombs in the mail, or you can be a Chemical Engineer and an ex-Army guy who swore to protect the citizens and blow up federal buildings. It doesnt matter. If you decide to do it - you will.

In each of those cases the men and women who commited violent crimes had some motive - there was action and reaction - a cause and effect. Try to work on confronting the causes and effects with your children and you wont have a problem. You cant just say 'killing is bad' NO, its NOT! Its wrong and your kid wont trust you subconsciously. If you tell them that its bad because it says so in the Bible - so what? If the kid is really that dumb to believe you, yea I guess he wont do it. You should talk to your kid and explain that in our society we are always on the lookout for our backs - dont make him/her too paranoid - but dont let their guards down. If they are not prepared for this simple fact of life, well perhaps they never really belonged in this society. Its not so simple to live around so many millions of people where not everyone will have a straight face or same color of the skin as you are - the violence as well as killing will always be there

Some people vent out their anger through video games. You should be very grateful those games and this technology exists so I dont have to go places and do bad things to people.

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