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Alligator Clips.

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    I've been tormented recently by an electronic buff that had a valid question.

    Why they don't make BLUE alligator clips?

    Alligator jumper cables come in Red, Black, Green, White, Yellow colors. I've never seen Blue clips, except in Radio Shack, but those are big clips, not the regular ones.

    So if you have a minute to waste, appreciate any input. The kid is killing me.

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    Are you expecting a blue one? I don't know of any extra meaning associated with blue.

    I think most of the colors you mentioned are associated with household wiring, and I would guess that is why they were picked. Not sure about yellow though.
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    The color of the alligator clip, as you probably know, is so that you will have a means of distinguishing it from one another in your wiring. If you don't mind following each wire, you could use the same color jumper/alligator clip, for your whole circuit or set of connections.

    Asking why there is no blue one isn't meaningful to me. It is analogous to asking why there is no orange or violet one. Perhaps a better question is why they don't come in more colors?
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