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Allocated capacity calculation

  1. Nov 18, 2004 #1
    :shy: Can anyone help? I have an interesting issue. I've chosen to study maths and computer science and one of the problems I've been asked to solve, potentially using a 3D Modeling formula is:

    In a Shared Server environment, where total capacity of a server is measured by total CPU capacity, total disk capacity and total memory capacity, I need a formula to help me understand how much each user is requesting of the total capacity.

    By example:
    On a single server total CPU is 2.88 Ghz, 16Gb Memory and 146Gb of Disk Space.
    I have a user who only wants to use 1Ghz CPU, 2Gb Mem and 2Gb of Disk Space. What formula can I use that tells me what percentage of the total capacity of the machine this person is requiring?

    thanks for any help
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    A pretty naive formula i can think of is,
    Normalise each variable and multiply them up and multiply by 100 ...

    In your example, this would mean,
    (1/2.88 * 2/16 * 2/146)*100

    A much more precision in analysis may be obtained if we add some factors,
    (1/2.88 * (x+2/16) * (y+2/146))*100

    where x(<=1) and y(<=1) are factors that may be manually adjusted to suit the requirements. (The x and y factors are added because disk space requirements are harsher than physical memory requirements and much much harsher than CPU requirements)

    -- AI
    P.S -> You prolly should have posted this in software section where u could have got a few more answers.
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    thanks for the reply. At least I have some idea now but I'll post in the software section as well.

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