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Allow full size images in posts

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    Why are images displayed as thumbnails rather than full size images?
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    that's only when you upload them. when you use the [img ] and [/img ] tags it displays normally
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    The [​IMG]
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    And the [​IMG]
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    In answer to the original question, images are displayed as thumbnails in the post so you have an idea what is in them, but if you click on them, it will open up a separate page with the full sized image. This is beneficial to those with slow connections for whom the images would take a long time to load. They can see the thumbnail first and decide if they really want to see the image. My guess, but would need confirmation by one of the more tech saavy around here, is that this also saves on bandwidth if everyone viewing a post doesn't automatically view images if they aren't interested in the content.
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