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Allow me to introduce myself

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm Daniel from Romania. I am a conservatory student (classical guitar) and play in a death-metal band. I stumbled upon this forum when I started putting together a plan, a sort of curriculum for furthering my education, starting with math. You see, I got fed up with documentaries concerning science and technology, because they are always presented in a very simplistic manner to appeal to the general public. The problem is, I am not satisfied with entertainment.
    I want more than that. I want to understand - as far as I am able. This means I have to resume studying math and physics. This place seemed worth checking out, so here I am.
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    You came to the right place!

    Welcome to PF.
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    Hello Daniel,

    I believe that this forum is the best in terms of physics and math.You can find many great things such as sufficient comments,genius and well informed users.All these help you to improve yourself.Welcome to PF.
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    Welcome to nerd heaven. Here is your complementary TI-89 graphing calculator.

    *wakes up*

    Oh sorry. Welcome to PF forums! :biggrin:

    I'm very glad to see there are people like you who are tired of hearing simplistic explanations to the most complex concepts in the universe. I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope we can help you learn as well learn from you!
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    A warm welcome to you, Ameretat. Sounds like you'll like it here.
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    Thank you for the warm welcome. On helping me, I'm so confused at the moment, I'm not even sure what questions to ask. I remember being pretty good at math in high school - but in the context of viewing it only as something to be retained, spat out on exam day and then forgotten.

    I guess I'd be grateful for any suggestions on how to organize my curriculum, but I think questions like this one are too general and would probably be wasting your time. I'll ask for help when I can formulate an actual coherent question, I guess.
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    Welcome aboard Ameretat :smile: You might want to check out the 'Academic Guidance' Forum along with its sub-forum 'Science Book Discussion.' Many folks come here looking to do what you intend to and there are a lot of suggested texts in these forums that might help.
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    Interesting! Did you know that Galileo Galilei was an accomplished lute player? His brother Michelangelo composed many lute pieces, some of which have been transcribed to classical guitar. Their father was a music theorist.

    http://www.genwi.com/play/5083 [Broken]
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    Wow, I had no idea about that music thing in the Galilei family. Those are some very nice compositions by Michelangelo Galilei. I bet his style came as a big surprise for the listeners of his time. Thanks alot.
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