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Homework Help: Allowable shear - indeterminate Torsion

  1. Feb 2, 2008 #1
    This is an indterminate torsional member.

    A hollow steel shaft ACB of outside diameter 50 mm and inside diameter 40 mm is held against rotation at ends A and B. Horizontal forces P are applied at the ends of a vertical arm that is welded to the shaft at point C. Determine the allowable value of the forces P if the maximum permissible shear stress is 45 MPa

    I cant find a picture of this problem, it's in my textbook. I'll try to make it as clear as possible with my limited knowledge.

    A |--------C-------|B
    L1 |P L2​
    The arms touch the bar, naturally.
    L1 (AC) = 600 mm
    L2 (CB) = 400 mm
    The length from C to the force P is 200 mm on both sides. It produces a torque that is pointing to the right, toward B.

    Where is the maximum shear stress in the shaft and why? I know the relation between shear stress (s) and torque (T)

    s = T*radius of bar/I

    I is the polar moment of inertia

    And I know that 2P * 200mm = Torque about point C
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