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Homework Help: Almost done this Term

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  1. Dec 19, 2004 #1
    Thank god!!! I don't know what happened, it's over already and I feel like I still have to learn everything. With only quantum and calculus exams remaing, I cannot wait until Christmas.

    Anyway, to make this homework related I was wondering how much time you guys spend on homework. (just time spent per day, outside of classes) Perhaps my lack of academic success is proportional to the amount of time I spend on it. I do all my assignment (or at least attempt them) but somehow everything ends up pilling up and I barely survive.

    I'll (hopefully!) end up with mostly C's again this term. Which is dissapointing, this term was supposed to be better!

    Thank god I'm on a coop work term next semester ;)
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    Probably 8 hours per day...!

    But that's because don't go to class :wink:.

    Perhaps you might want to try that too next semester...? I just finished my first semester and it wasn't long after it started that I realised I would not have or would have barely survived if I kept spending time in class listening to something I will necessarily have to read about in the book anyway. And instead of taking notes from what I can catch from the teachers regurgitating the material, I take BOOK notes and make lots of comment about the text on my own. And using this "method", I did much better than all my friends who do go to class and who were generally better than me in high school.
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    Don't expect that to last much longer.
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    Why do you say that? Have you had that experience yourself?
  6. Dec 20, 2004 #5
    So far 50% has gone for +3 hours. That's certainly my regular homework...apart from eating and sleeping, homework is about all I do during the school year. Now, it being break, my average homework time is zilch, lol. That's got to change sometime soon or I'm going to die next semester.
  7. Dec 20, 2004 #6
    I find I'm pretty successful when I take the time to read the book the night before lecture and look over my notes afterwards. That keeps everything fresh in my mind.
  8. Dec 20, 2004 #7
    yeah, pretty much.

    I mean, there will always be classes you will be able to skip most of the time, but there are going to be classes that you must absolutely not skip. either because the Prof is a stickler, or because the Prof tests on what is in his lectures rather than the book (that happens a lot). and then there is always the 15% attendance grade that some throw in just to mess up the smart kids who would get an A otherwise.

    just keep an eye out. an out or two out of your day for a class will not hurt you. I myself have times, when sitting in class, I think about more productive uses of that time I could be engaged in, especially near the end of term when I have finals and projects in every class that I need to complete.
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