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Alone in the dark

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    you are lost in a blizzard. you are traveling in a straight line and you happen to come across a cabin. seeing as how the blizzard has been raging for several days you decide to seek refuge in the cabin. you open the door and walk inside, and there are no lights on inside. closing the door behind you, your eyes begin adjusting to the dark. you look around and see these things:
    a candle, a fireplace with somewhat charred wood inside, an oil lantern sufficiently filled, a pack of cigarettes with only one left, and a table with a chair pulled up to it.
    you reach into your coat pocket and find a box of matches and to your dismay there is only one match left.

    what do you light first?
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    A match stick(if the question is tricky), otherwise
    Cigarette (as I am addicted to it) :tongue2:
    Lantern (if non smoker)
    Candle (if I am lazy)

    If I am right with the first one then I got it pretty fast.
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    I would say the candle first, then light the cigarette. When the cigarette is almost out, use it to light the lantern.When the lantern is almost out, throw it onto the fireplace, it should engulf the firewood in flamesm, then when the wood is done, throw in the table and chair.
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    Well, obviously quark has the intended answer with the match. For the second thing to light, I think it would be the lantern, though it probably doesn't make a lot of difference. I mean it has liquid fuel in it that would explode as a gas, and the fuel is absorbed into the wick. So after lighting the match probably you should go directly to the lantern, then you'd have a fair amount of flame to try to get the fire started. Tossing the burning lantern oil onto the fire is probably not a sure way to start it--similar to lighter fluid on charcoal, it takes a while to get the fire going. You might try some, but my experience with wood fires is that you need a lot of kindling and twigs over a fair amount of time to get the logs to light. Burning the chair etc. is probably not a good idea unless you're desperate, since it doesn't take too long for a chair to burn up. You're going to have to find more firewood. Besides, what if the cabin owner gets back and finds you burned his chair? You should only burn the chair if you're desperate.
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    gj quark and interesting gives for the following thing but the intended answer quark was right
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    Take the cigarette out of the pack and it will be a cigarette lighter.
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