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Alonso Wins Again in F1

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    Alonso Wins Again in F1!!!!

    Alonso make it five!!! He has won the GP France Magny Cours!!

    http://www.formula1.com/news/3265.html [Broken]

    And he has Raikonnen behind him 24 points far away, with 9 races to go.

    Great Fernando, Great!!!!! :approve: :approve: :approve:

    and go home Schummy!!
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    That's only because of the michelin tyres. Sure, they failed during the US Grand Prix, but on average, the michelin tyres outperform the bridgestone. That's why Alonso is over-acheiving.
    And since each race is worth 10 points, Alonso has not won the season yet.
    Put them in the same type of cars and Schumi will teach Alonso how to drive!
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    How? are you saying Ferrari is a worse car than Renault? I don't think so. And I remember you last season F.Alonso teached Schummi how to drive when he won one GP and doubled him in a GP I don't remind.
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    Schumacher is undoubtedly a very good driver, but not that much better. His strength has always been being the number one driver in a team that has consistently had the best cars. Now ferrari have an average car and renault have a very good car so its easy to see why alonso is that much better this season. If mclaren where as reliable as renault then it would be a really good season with alonso and raikonnen both driving fantastically.
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    Renault by far have the most reliable car in formula one this year. I'd say that the speed is equivalent between Renault and McLaren though.
    But everyone knows as you guys, apart from clausius, has pointed out that Ferrari is an average car this year. It isn't as reliable and it just isn't as fast. Using the bridgestone makes Schumacher take off pretty slowly off the grid. You can see that with all the bridgestone users. I think the season will be closer than people think :)
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