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Homework Help: Alpha and beta particles

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    How could you distinguish between an alpha and a beta particle in a cloud chamber or a particle accelerator?
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    Alpha particles are nuclei of helium, whereas beta particles are electrons.
    Thus, Alpha particle ionised more gas molecule in the cloud chamber than beta particles, producing more alcohol and water.
    Also, Alpha Particles are heavier than beta Particles----thus they are less deflected.
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    do you know what an alpha particle IS?
    what are its physical properties?
    Which property of alpha is opposite that property of a beta?
    Which properties are a couple thousand times that of the beta?

    Are you able to immerse this cloud chamber in any Fields?
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    thanks for the help guys,

    lightgrav, i realized that i easily couldve figured out the answer if i just asked myself those questions,

    thanks again
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