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Alpha particles and Teflon

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    Hi there,

    I know that alpha particles will pass through gold foil if it is thin enough, but will alpha particles pass through a layer of teflon? If so, is there some way of knowing how thin the teflon should be for most alpha particles to pass through?
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    Thanks! What about protons? Do you know how much of a material protons pass through?
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    Here is a pay-per-view paper. You can find other papers by Googling proton range energy tables (or plots)

    Here is the Lawrence Berkeley Lab Particle Data Group reference on Passage of Particles through Matter


    THis includes the equation for the Bethe-Bloch dE/dx ionization energy loss. You will need to do a numerical integration to get proton range.

    There was a very old and complete set of proton range-energy plots, UCRL-2426, but I have not seen a copy for ~50 years.

    There are also programs such as GEANT4, available at http://geant4.cern.ch/

    Bob S
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    Thank you. That is very thorough.
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