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Alright everyone?

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    Apparently introducing yourself is a thing here so:

    Hello, I'm tuclear. I'm a second year EEE student that enjoys pure mathematics way too much and spends an unhealthy amount of time in my room studying. I also spend a lot of time developing python programs that I think are pretty cool but you probably wouldn't.

    Pleased to meet you all.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Python is pretty cool for programming.

    Have you looked at the Processing.org stuff? It has a python mode.

    Or the iPython numerical computing stuff using the Notebook development environment.

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    Cheers m8

    Haven't seen the processing.org stuff but the ipython/numpy/scipy/matplotlib stack is amazing. I really prefer it over matlab which I'm unfortunately forced to use for uni (although I'm sure there's plenty that have it the other way round).
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    There's also the Julia stuff that bridges between MATLAB and Python:


    Julia is positioned as a faster alternative to matlab (julialang.org) that works well with python, R and C/C++.​
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