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ALS Research

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    I am doing some research on ALS. Do any of you have any links on peer reviewed journals or articles.

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    here is a summary of the major clinical trials...but you may be looking for more bench research data that others may be able to help you with.


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    If you want real technical stuff, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has a website (jama.com). You must register to access their archives but there are 184 articles to choose from with a quick search on ALS.
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    Nice, I appreciate it.

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    You must be familiar with PubMed right? (part of the National Library of Medicine) www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/

    Just type in what you are looking for, if you are not familiar I can give you some tips, such as:

    [TA] is title abbreviation, if you write
    jama [TA] and another keyword it will only find articles appearing in that journal

    [DP] date publication, such as 2004 for the latest articles

    [AU] author name such as "smith jk" [AU]

    [TI] finds the keyword in the title

    There are many more, you can also use Mesh terms [MH] which are catagorized keywords that will make your search very specific. There is a help file on the page that lists them all.

    Assuming you are not familiar with Pubmed, there are links directly to the articles. If you are accessing the site through an academic institution, you will be able to easy access most of the articles (depending on the institution's subscription). Some journals are open access.
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