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Altai and for entire three days could see a purple ray and an eye

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    Once I went to Altai and for entire three days could see a purple ray and an eye, then followed by delirium of persecution, so I got into mental asylum. All in all I got to mental asylum 6 times, 4 times after the same occurrences. I am currently on medication with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. I think I might’ve gotten ill because of spending too much time working on the computer and due to the influence of Altai (certain zones situated there) as well as spiritual practices.
    I studied Agni-yoga, took several courses in bioenergetics, read different literature (Osho, Donald Walsh and so on).
    I have a very strong desire to move somewhere where I could permanently live (perhaps at the same time taking medication, including neuroleptics). I have almost no money to pay for lodging so I am ready to work for it. I would prefer to live in Ashram to have some control over me, and not to have time to be lazy.
    Could you please advise me something? Deep inside I have strong thirst for everything spiritual; however, that gets overshadowed by daily routine, mental and nervous disorder, so everything just wanes.
    This text was written by a translator. My knowledge of English is poor, but if necessary I can learn the vocabulary necessary for practices.
    Could you please advise me where I can address, maybe write a letter. Could you please give some e-mails or Ashram sites?
    I am currently living in Novosibirsk, in Russia. I am 24 and my name is Maksim.
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