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Homework Help: Alteranating Current

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    6. A pure alternating current is produced by an alternator in which a coil rotates in a uniform magnetic field. The output voltage from the alternator can be described by V=12sin100t.
    a) What is the period of the alternating voltage produced?
    [ marks]
    b) The output from the alternator is connected across a resistive Load of 6 ohms.
    i) Write down the equation that describes the variation of current
    through the load.
    [ mark]
    ii) Calculate the r.m.s value of the current.
    [ mark]
    iii) Calculate the peak value of the power consumed by the load.
    [ mark]
    iv) Sketch a graph of power developed across the resistor, as time passes.

    Thanks for ur help
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    This is a plug-n-chug type of question. What kind of problem are you having with it?
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