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Alternate dimension?

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    New here. I just needed to tell my story somewhere. I'll warn you its not very interesting. Its just a strange thing that happened in my life and I cannot explain.

    I was detoxing of benzodiazepines at a medical detox center. I had a seizure. As a result I went into a coma or coma like state for a period of 3 days. During this time...or as it feels rather...prior to this time... I experienced an alternate timeline that lasted for several weeks past the incident, without the incident ever occuring.

    I have concluded this was not a dream. Reasons being nothing about this alternate timeline was out of the ordinary. Just different.

    First, I have memories into the recent past that many claim never happened. For example; I purchased some shirts in Palm Springs. Now I do not own these shirts. My wife claims I never did. I remember wearing these shirts on several occasions.

    The timeline I remember progressed to completion of the detox facility. I recall going through all the clothes I brought with me. Doing laundry. Seeing doctors several times that I saw only once in this reality or never saw. Seeing doctors back home. Going on a boat with my neighbor. Handling business propositions. Taking meds that I never took. In this reality I also experienced EPS as a side effect of Neurontin/Lyrica. I do not have an allergy to this drug. In fact I knew nothing of EPS or its effects, except I experienced it and the cause/effects were explained to me by a nurse and PA.

    Suddenly everything snapped back to the hospital.

    Nothing was really interesting about this alternate timeline so I won't explain any other aspects of it. Everything was completely normal, in fact that timeline seems more realistic than this current one.

    My marriage was great when I left for detox. When I returned it was in shambles. Things have happened in this life that I do not recall ever happening. My business was going great when I left, when I returned it was in shambles.

    Maybe I remember things wrong. Maybe it was a dream.

    I believe it was something else. I don't know what. I don't know what happened. I don't feel like this is my life. I miss my old clothes. I miss my old wife.
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    No alternate dimensions. Just you brain playing games with itself.
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    Yeah, as DanP said.
    Also, with that level of detox complications(seizure, pseudo-coma) it is without wonder that you would experience bizzare mental/emotional distortions.

    Best of luck to you in your fight against addiction.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Closing, since this is not really philosophy. Take care and good luck to you.
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