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Alternate realities?

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    Hi, I'm 17. And have always been interested in theories like time travel,time dilation, general relativity, etc. Anything to do with spacetime. sorry if this might sound..childish. I"m just curious

    I've always thought about alternate realities, so to speak

    For example, if you're a women, and accidently get pregnant as a teenager, and you decide to have an abortion, would this alter the future ?

    What if you decided to let that baby grow up in the world, become an adult, and continue his/her life? Would this alter the future? Obviously, you can only choose one choice.

    Which is the better choice to have? What are the chances this person might alter the course of reality in the future, or change the world for a better way? What might happen if you had an abortion, and never had that child, how would this effect the world? Would there be a 'butterfly' effect, per se, or a bunch of events descending from this one decisoin altering the world and reality forever?

    Does each decision you make have precussions, which therefore has consequences and thus can change the course of reality?

    Hope this makes sense.

    I am still learning. This is just out of my imagination.
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    Since it hasn't been determined that all actions are already determined, your question remains unanswerable.

    One might ask that if it isn't determined. Is that a clue?
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    very confusing, hehe. What do you mean by determined?
    thanks for your help
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    Can anyone give their opinion on this please?
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    Want an opinion? Since I have it (in writing) in so many places, I'm going to share a bit of my experience.
    Future and past exist nowhere but in your mind. When you understand this, you can do whatever you like with them. Remember the future, alter the past, visit anywhere, anytime you like. Whether you can actually 'alter' anything (which I doubt, as there is nothing to 'alter' but what is in 'mind') or we just 'think/feel' that we have and operate on free will to do as we wish is not a relevent or meaningful question. When you can access the Now of any Now that you choose, then you can.. 'time' travel. Anyone can do it. Well, maybe not 'anyone'... Takes work and practice to reach/access that level of consciousness. The first step is finding the Now amid all the other time chatter, memories (created in total this very moment, you, your 'memories', etc.. all created brand new right NOW this very moment! You can awaken to your dream and master time as you like. Is this what you were looking for?

    How can you alter the 'future'? Is not NOW the 'future too', as well as the 'past'?

    Can you alter the NOW?

    Timing is EVERYTHING!

    Want some alternate realities? Try mescaline! It will open 'doors'...
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    ...ruthless intent and impeccable timing

    then you can pretty much do anything...

    ...everything anybody does alters the future

    make your actions count towards a better reality...
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    What do you mean by “alter the future”? The future has not happened yet, therefore how can it be altered? If you mean “would this affect the future” then yes of course it would just as every action affects the future (ie the future is determined by the present).
    See above.
    See above.
    Yes (you actually mean repercussions). The present determines the future. And the past has determined the present. (Actually if one believes in the block universe then past, present and future are all inter-determined and self-consistent).

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